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OpsCentral Voice

Inbound Call

Delivering exceptional customer service using the sophisticated routing capability of the OpsCentral Voice Inbound Call Centre software. Our next-generation systems route calls to the right agents at the right time and automatically screen pop the customer’s information on agents’ desktops for productivity.


Customers can perform routine functions through intelligent IVR flow, freeing up agents to focus their attention on higher-value interactions. 


Automatic Call

Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems distribute phone calls and other types of contacts to agents at a contact centre. ACD software is typically used when there are high volumes of calls that require sophisticated routing rules to determine the most appropriate agent to handle each call.

OpsCentral Voice offers Universal Queue, an omni-channel solution to ACD that expands the scope of the technology beyond simple voice calls to cover contacts across all channels — chat, web, email, social media and mobile.

Because OpsCentral Voice is in the cloud, your contact centre will not be constrained by physical boundaries. Whether you have one contact centre, multi-site contact centre operations, or distributed at-home agents, the OpsCentral Voice ACD system finds the best available agents wherever they may be located.


OpsCentral Voice leverages business rules to prioritize different channels and interactions and decide which resources best fit a customer’s needs based on their historical preference.

self sufficiency for users

Non-technical users can easily set up and make changes to the ACD system.

Change routing strategies

OpsCentral Voice gives you the ability to create virtually any routing scenario in just minutes with simple drag-and-drop icons. On the fly changes can be immediately deployed to your operations.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is a phone-based customer self-service system by which customers can get information and perform basic functions through the phone system without the aid of a live agent. One of the pitfalls of IVR is that it can confuse customers or it has too many layers such that the calls get abandoned.


However, with OpsCentral Voice, it is easy to design an intuitive self-service system that utilizes OpsCentral Voice’s advanced process methodology, helping your customers solve problems faster, freeing up time for your agents to focus on higher value interactions, and boosting your customer satisfaction experiences.


cut costs, free up agents

Our IVR enables you to cut costs by automating routine calls. This allows your agents to focus their time and energy on higher value interactions.

easy to design

Set up and make changes to your IVR system easily using our drag-and-drop IVR Designer, add new prompts, callback options, or data queries in seconds and on the fly.


Quickly identify customers and personalize the self- service flow. Data collected by the IVR is routed through the ACD, ensuring intelligent support.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), allows contact centre agents to access customer profiles and manage customer data during support or sales calls. As soon as an agent connects with a customer, a screen pop appears on the agent’s desktop with the customer’s information from the CRM for the agent to reference and edit. The result is higher efficiency and more effective customer experience interactions.


CTI is an integral part of our cloud contact centre solution. It provides agents with customer data, purchase history, and information from previous interactions — all delivered instantly to the agent desktop or integrated CRM interface.



Deploying our CTI solution with skills-based routing is one of the best ways to improve First Contact Resolution (FCR), one of the best predictors of customer loyalty.


OpsCentral CTI queries your CRM, locates a match, and instantaneously populates that data onto the agent’s screen so that the customer’s needs are addressed timely.



Integrates with Salesforce, Oracle, and more so that screen pops appear as part of the CRM interface, eliminating the need to toggle between screens.

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