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Virtual Phone Number

A Virtual Phone Number is a real telephone number that is NOT associated to a physical phone line. These numbers are programmed to be forwarded to either a VoIP service or to a different phone line.

Virtual Phone Number


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Redirect Virtual Numbers to any Phone


Calls can Ring at Multiple Phone Numbers in a Specific Order or Simultaneously


Easily Integrated with Voice Mail


Easy Call Routing by End Users via Web Portal


Route Calls by Time of Day, Day of Week


View Call Detail Records Online in Real Time


Why get a Virtual Phone Number?

Establish Local Presence

Businesses that use virtual numbers are able to assign more than 1 number to a specific line. This means virtual numbers are able to appear as local numbers to your customers even when your business is not based in the same area as your customers. This helps to build a local presence and adds a personalized experience to customers making it easier for them to call for support and for call agents to easily identify who is calling.

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