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OpsCentral Voice is a cloud-based contact centre solution that includes complete call centre functionalities like IVR, voice logging, skill-based call routing, and many more. It allows high scalability and minimum set-up time. An On-Premise version is also available for enterprise implementation.

☎️ Powerful Virtual Assistance

☎️ Real Time Statistics

☎️ Comprehensive SLA Report

☎️ Interactive Web-Based User Interface

☎️ Transcription, Voicebot & Sentiment Analysis

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  • IVR with GUI Designer

  • Custom CTI Screen Pops

  • Call Scripting

  • ACD Skill Based Routing

  • VIP Routing

  • Overflow

  • Real Time Analytics

  • Reposts in Excel

  • Agent Scheduled Call Back

  • Call Back Manager

  • Custom Wrap Up / Call Disposition

  • Post Call Survey

  • 100% Call Recording

  • Listen / Whisper / Barge-In

  • 3-Ways Conference

  • Custom Music-on-Hold

  • Custom Away Reasons

  • Voicemail

  • Advance Voicemail

  • Voicemail-to-Text

  • Do Not Call List

  • Quality Management

  • WebRTC

  • Customer Management

  • CRM API Support

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Voice Recording to Text

  • Analytics Word Cloud



It's about Empowerment!

OpsCentral Voice offers a complete browser-based experience without compromise. There is no special software to install and maintain. 

It empowers the contact centre to manage and administer all aspects of the operation as and when required – with zero downtime, and no on-site engineers needed. 

Get real-time statistics, updated every 5 seconds, to make critical decisions and changes. Change the IVR call flow and prompts, routing rules and agent skills on the fly – all without any downtime.


Browser based User Interface

The OpsCentral Voice user interface (UI) is clean and context sensitive, showing only what is necessary when it is necessary. 

It is also highly intuitive and familiar to users, and as such user training can be kept to a minimal. The adoption of a web browser UI allows all users, agents, supervisors and administrators, to login from a single URL to access all functions. 

With the browser-based UI, OpsCentral Voice can truly run anywhere. It is typically not affected by enterprise network restrictions, nor push-down installation dependencies for updates.

100% Call Recording

All calls, in and out, will be automatically recorded by OpsCentral Voice. 

Recorded calls can then be searched, retrieved and played back via the browser-based user interface, with no special software needed. 

Recorded calls are archived in the system for a minimal period of 3 months. Longer storage options or archiving services are available should you require them.


Campaign, Skill & VIP Routing

For businesses that have multiple hotlines, each hotline can be allocated to a campaign. Within a campaign, IVR flows created can route calls based on desired language and department. 

Calls can also be routed to the highest skilled agents. OpsCentral Voice's SLA and Routing Engine is highly flexible, allowing SLA definition and routing rules to be defined on basis of language & product. 

Priority routing is also in-built, where VIP customers can bypass the IVR options by keying in their issued PIN. They can also be allowed to bypass a queue, to be served next by the best available agent.

Real Time Monitoring

OpsCentral Voice converts complex information and statistics pertaining to your entire contact centre operations into rich, real-time visualizations that are easy to understand and action, a feature much loved by our customers. 

You will have access to rich graphical summaries and statistics on campaigns, call queues, SLA breaches, after-call survey results and agent performance drill-downs. And yes, you can also access these on your mobile devices or tablets.



Generate reports at any time. Reports are generated in true Excel® format with formulas in cells, allowing you to run your own analysis of the data in any manner.



Give your employees what they need to ensure your customers get what they want


Interaction recording with OpsCentral Voice sets your agents up for future success while simultaneously verifying sales transactions, resolving customer issues, ensuring agent adherence to procedures and policies, limiting liability risks, and complying with regulatory requirements. The recording can be used for training purposes too.

evaluate agent performance

Agent performance features include dozens of standard reports along with numerous standard KPIs, customizable QA pop-up forms, a rich selection of question types, an easy-to-operate wizard, scoring formulas, and coaching and training packages.


Improve customer retention, sales performance, efficiency, and more with a complete quality optimization workflow, including selecting and setting your KPIs, defining business rules for call monitoring, and improving performance with dashboards and QA score cards.

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