OpsCentral Email

OpsCentral Email is a multi-feature email management system that supports multiple campaigns, channels inbound emails based on subject, departments, skill-set level of staff, email content and keywords. It is an extremely smart tool that helps track, prioritise and handle every single email received.

Cut your e-mail management time & start your day with

a smarter mailbox.




contact centre

Truly an Email Management System designed for Contact Centres.

  • Provides an audit trail of every customer email.

  • Escalation function to track/escalated issues.

  • Measure KPIs and track SLAs for email communications.

  • Stop CSR from cherry-picking “easy” emails from public folders.

  • Prevent “lost”, deleted, wrongly filed emails

  • Prevent duplicate replies by different CSR.


web browser


The OpsCentral Email user interface (UI) is clean and context sensitive, showing only what is necessary when it is necessary, without all that clutter. 

With a Web browser-based UI, OpsCentral Email can run anywhere and is easily implemented for remote or home-based Customer Service Representatives (CSR) and experts.



Comprehensive statistics are available in real-time, while historical data generated in Excel reports help to measure, analyse and improve your email communications.

OpsCentral Email


Skill based Routing & Sorting

Inbound emails are routed to the designated group or CSR according to pre-defined rules/skillsets in OpsCentral Email.


 Every email transcation, received and sent, will  be archived in the database and can be accessed  via a history list presented in chronological order.

Auto Acknowledgment

Customizable messages that provide immediate acknowledgement upon receipt of emails from customers.

Pre-Scripted Responses

Customizable messages that provide immediate acknowledgement upon receipt of emails from customers.

Intelligent Responder

OpsCentral Email is able to scan the content of emails and intelligently suggest a list of likely answers.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Administrative and supervisory tools are available to help you monitor the performance of your CSRs.

Generate and view ad-hoc, daily, weekly and monthly statistical reports in graphical formats.



Give your employees what they need to ensure your customers get what they want


Interaction recording with OpsCentral Voice sets your agents up for future success while simultaneously verifying sales transactions, resolving customer issues, ensuring agent adherence to procedures and policies, limiting liability risks, and complying with regulatory requirements. The recording can be used for training purposes too.

evaluate agent performance

Agent performance features include dozens of standard reports along with numerous standard KPIs, customizable QA pop-up forms, a rich selection of question types, an easy-to-operate wizard, scoring formulas, and coaching and training packages.


Improve customer retention, sales performance, efficiency, and more with a complete quality optimization workflow, including selecting and setting your KPIs, defining business rules for call monitoring, and improving performance with dashboards and QA score cards.

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