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OpsCentral Messaging allows businesses to have multiple engagements with their customers simultaneously, via their preferred Messaging app platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat. Its integrated interface enables agents to respond to customers communication across multiple channels – app messaging, email and call in one queue.

💬 Encrypted Chat Session & History

💬  Smart Routing Capabilities

💬  Deep Data Analysis

💬  Machine Learning and Intelligent Bots

OpsCentral Messaging uses the same role-based analytic and reporting, supervisors enable to manage agent and work performance based on contact centre metrics.

Connect with customers via their preferred Messaging app platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat… with more apps to be included.

Multiple Messaging Apps Supported


OpsCentral Messaging enables multiple users and agents to support numerous campaigns concurrently, using just a single app account or number.

Multiple Conversations,
Single Number

Comprehensive statistics in real-time as well as historical data in Excel reports to measure, analyse and improve your app messaging communications.


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Couple with Mobile Phone



  • Skill – Based Routing

  • Session-based Chats

  • Auto Acknowledgement

  • Pre-scripted Responses

  • Real-time Analytics

  • Reports in Excel

  • Audit Trail

  • 100% IM Recording

  • Prevent lost / deleted IM

  • Prevent duplication replies by CSR

  • Custom Away Reasons

  • Custom Wrap Up / Call Disposition

  • Custom Chat-bots and Data-analysis

  • Custom Wrap Up /  Disposition

  • Customer Management

  • Supported Platform: WhatsApp, Line, WeChat

  • Rich Media Supported

  • CRM API Support

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Analytics – Word Cloud

OpsCentral Messaging

Session based Chats

Auto Routing

Wrap Up

Customer-initiated chats handled by multiple Customer Service Representatives (CSR or Agents) simultaneously.

Route chat sessions to CSRs with appropriate skill-sets.

Enter remarks and wrap up information for each chat session.


Get insight to time customer spent waiting before chat is “answered” (SLA), chat time, and handling time.


Search for and display historical chat sessions.

Other Possibilities

Chat-bots and Deep data-analysis of historical chat conversations.


Give your employees what they need to ensure your customers get what they want


Interaction recording with OpsCentral Voice sets your agents up for future success while simultaneously verifying sales transactions, resolving customer issues, ensuring agent adherence to procedures and policies, limiting liability risks, and complying with regulatory requirements. The recording can be used for training purposes too.


Agent performance features include dozens of standard reports along with numerous standard KPIs, customizable QA pop-up forms, a rich selection of question types, an easy-to-operate wizard, scoring formulas, and coaching and training packages.


Improve customer retention, sales performance, efficiency, and more with a complete quality optimization workflow, including selecting and setting your KPIs, defining business rules for call monitoring, and improving performance with dashboards and QA score cards.

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