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Invite Communications Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 25th November 2015.


Invite Communications was formed with the purpose to address the increasing demand of the Cloud based communication needs.

We target all sizes of companies throughout our region and market. We sell our products through resellers, wholesale carrier program and cloud operators.


Invite's mission is to enable the best of cloud communication solution to everyone.

OUR core values

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Customer Satisfaction

We understand that our customers are the reason for our success. We delight in going above and beyond expectations by creating valuable experiences and providing the best product and quality.

Data Drive / Analytic

We consistently strive to learn and derive new ways to address challenges by utilizing data. we treat data as an asset in our strategic initiatives and to guide us to meaningful actions.

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Happy Team

We make an effort to ensure every employee feels valued through honest and respectful communication. we recognize achievements and provide guidance for improvements.


We are committed, passionate and resilient to deliver our value through performance, product and service quality.



We are accountable, open and responsible in all that we do. We learn from mistakes and we prioritize earning our employees’ and customers’ trust.

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