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SIP-Trunking: How It Works & Benefits Your Business

SIP-Trunk 101: How It Works & Benefits Your Business

With the advancement of technology, we have clearly moved away from miles of copper cable and laborious manual installation. But how do you choose the best new solutions on the market?

The Session Initiation Protocol - SIP for short - is explained in detail below. It has the potential to significantly improve the quality of communication within your organisation. Continue reading to learn about SIP Calling, how it works, who can use it, and why you should!

What Is SIP Calling (Session Initiation Protocol)?

SIP is an acronym that stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It refers to a signalling protocol that allows different systems to use an internet connection (Wi-Fi or another technology) to exchange information via a SIP trunk or a SIP channel. Although the formats of the information exchanged can vary, phone and video calls are the most common choices among businesses.

SIP calling combines SIP and VoIP technologies, making it an excellent replacement for traditional phone lines and PRI lines.

SIP calling may provide numerous benefits to your organisation, ranging from security and ease of use to lower costs and the ability to work with it on multiple devices.

How Does SIP Calling Work Exactly?

SIP-Trunk 101: How It Works & Benefits Your Business

What makes SIP calling possible is a SIP trunk – a virtually established phone line using SIP technology. Its main advantage is that it allows for a direct connection, eliminating the need for PRI lines (Primary Rate Interface) that connect PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). This means you can connect directly to your old hardwired number and upgrade your existing system without having to start from scratch.

Because the link is created with the internet, SIP calling takes advantage of its connection speed, regardless of the technology used (Wi-Fi or not), which is probably already top-notch if you work online.

As a result, the only physical requirement will be handsets.

The SIP knows how to determine whether or not your recipient is available and capable of taking such calls. Then, when the conversation ends, it automatically disconnects, hence, lowering overall costs.


Why Does SIP Trunking Benefit Your Business?

1. Easy Deployment

To begin with, you do not need to build the entire network from the ground up. With SIP technology, you can easily connect your old numbers and simply continue to make and receive calls.

Furthermore, you will be able to manage everything from your account thanks to the online control panel's user-friendly interface. You will be in charge of all new and old phone numbers, redirecting, extensions, and so on.

With a SIP trunk, all of the important features are consolidated in one device, making training your staff much easier and faster.

2. They Are Scalable

Because the entire network is cloud-based, you can easily customise SIP calling to meet the needs of your business. Whether your company is expanding or looking for ways to cut costs, it only takes one phone call to your SIP provider to make changes, as most of them offer flexible billing, and some even allow you to manage your entire SIP phone plan yourself.

There is no need for additional cables or complicated and time-consuming installation every time you hire a new employee. Not to mention that SIP trunking will help you save a lot of office space.

3. A Cost-Saving Alternative

Using SIP technology for audio and video conferencing will significantly reduce your business phone bill. Most importantly, unlike a traditional landline or mobile phone, it does not charge you for every minute you are on the phone; instead, SIP provides what can truly be called unlimited calls.

Furthermore, because there is no hardware involved, you will not have to spend time or money on purchases, installation, or maintenance. Because it's all cloud-based and works over the internet, it makes a huge difference when it comes to international calls (which are then treated as local calls), which are extremely expensive with a traditional phone.

Furthermore, SIP-to-SIP calls are usually FREE. You can focus on your work instead of worrying about the high cost of phone setup.


Get To Know INVITE's SIP-Trunking Packages

Our SIP-Trunk packages are curated carefully to befit your business requirements. Contact us today at or drop us a call at 03-8084 1028.

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