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Discover How Smart Service Providers Enhance Profitability through Microsoft Teams Calling Apps

According to Prince Cai, Vice President at Yeastar, a leading unified communications solution provider, Microsoft Teams users have several options to add voice calling functionality, albeit at a relatively high cost. Yeastar's recently-launched Microsoft Teams-integrated calling app, however, presents an exciting proposition for both parties. It allows CSPs to reduce costs for their customers while simultaneously boosting their own profitability.

The Yeastar P-Series PBX System seamlessly merges enterprise-grade calling functionalities with Microsoft Teams, streamlining internal and external communication without the need to switch between platforms.

With the installation of the free Yeastar Linkus app from Microsoft AppSource, users gain access to the complete calling capability within their familiar Teams interface. This integration allows them to find all their company contacts, personal contacts, and Microsoft 365 and CRM synced contacts in one centralized location.

By simply clicking on any contact or using the dialpad, users can effortlessly make calls from Teams using the Yeastar Linkus Desktop Client. The best part is that no Session Border Controllers (SBC), additional Microsoft Teams Phone licenses, or Calling Plans are necessary to utilize this feature.

Furthermore, as a comprehensive unified communication solution, the Yeastar P-Series PBX System surpasses Microsoft Teams in various essential aspects.

While Microsoft Teams provides basic phone system features like auto attendants, call forwarding, call transfer, call queues, and music on hold, Yeastar goes above and beyond with a host of advanced functionalities. These include multi-level Interactive Voice Response, dynamic call routing options, a real-time drag-and-drop Queue Panel, customizable wallboard, detailed call reports, and direct integration with major CRM and helpdesk platforms like HubSpot, Zoho CRM & Desk, Salesforce, etc.

Flexibility is a key advantage of the Yeastar system, which supports virtually any SIP-based phone. Moreover, Yeastar offers VoIP gateways as part of a convenient one-stop solution, allowing seamless integration and a hassle-free experience for customers who wish to retain their existing analog phones.

Administration becomes effortless through an intuitive online management portal, empowering IT admins to easily add new users, assign extensions, configure call routing, receive instant alerts on critical events, and create regular and scheduled backups.

Additionally, the system offers a white-label option, enabling Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to re-brand the Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition as their own, reinforcing brand recognition and fostering customer loyalty.

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