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WebRTC stands for web real-time communications. WebRTC is a free, open source project which uses a set of plugin-free APIs to provide desktop and mobile browsers with real time communications (RTC). WebRTC is progressively being supported by all major modern browser vendors.

Audio & Video Collaboration for Business

Invite UCC "an Meeting" offers a browser based meeting environment with

end-to-end encrypted audio and video conferencing, business-class slideshow presentation, document sharing, text chat, and tools to take business meetings to the next level.

Web conferencing solutions contribute directly to financial and time savings.

By saving travel costs, web conferences are more cost effective than onsite meetings and provide improved interaction compared to traditional telephone conferences. Additionally valuable time can be saved by reducing or even avoiding travel time for the participants. Last but not least the user friendly web interface enables one to organize meetings at short notice.

Secure & Safe


Meetings can be optionally password protected. All communication channels are end-to-end encrypted. The security certificates come with the same grade of confidence that electronic banking applications use.

"an Meeting" is a WebRTC application and is as easy to use as any other web site. Schedule a meeting with just a few clicks and send meeting invitations directly from the application itself.


All meeting participants need to do to join the schedule meeting is click on the unique meeting link attached to the invitation.

Instant Connectivity Through Unique Meeting Link

Meeting participants do not need to register an account in order to participate. The unique meeting link and the optional password are enough for anyone to join. Even a non-technical person will be able to join through any public internet connection.

"an Meeting" runs directly in the web browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Internet Explorer and Safari users have to install a small plugin to enjoy the encrypted audio and video conferencing solution. Invite UCC “an Meeting” runs on all current Windows, Mac and Linux version as well as on Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.



Easy meeting scheduling with calendar invitations.


End-to-end encrypted audio and video conferencing in HD quality


Whiteboard and document



Shared meeting minutes and

private notes.

Unique access link to each meeting.


Screen sharing and live



User friendly and ready to go web application.


Automatically compiled and distributed meeting summaries.


Scalable cloud solution without software installation for end users.


100% WebRTC and HTML 5 


5 video participants or up to 10 audio participants.

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