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How Does Zoom Phone Help Keep Your Communications Secure and Compliant

Updated: May 16, 2023

Whether you’re collaborating in a conference room environment, engaging in a virtual event, or connecting over the phone, you want to feel confident that the solution you’re using is secure and capable of safeguarding your important communications. The cultivation of Zoom solutions — including our Zoom Phone solution — are curated with security, privacy, and compliance in mind.

Zoom Phone is a modern cloud phone system natively built for the Zoom platform. Seamless and secure, Zoom Phone streamlines the telecommunications experience with enterprise-class features, many of which are designed to help users manage and safeguard their cloud calling experience.

Here are a few key features that help weave security into the Zoom Phone experience, as well as some industry standards and attestations the solution has achieved.

🔐 Zoom Phone Security Features


  1. 256-bit AES-GCM encryption - We use 256-bit AES-GCM encryption as our standard for real-time content and media, which applies to data in transit across Zoom Meetings and Team Chat, Zoom Webinars, meetings occurring via Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Phone data transmitted over the public internet.

  2. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Zoom Phone (coming soon): Previously only available in Zoom Meetings, our E2EE offering will be extended to Zoom Phone this year. Zoom Phone users making on-net calls on the Zoom Phone network will have a new option to upgrade to E2EE during one-on-one, intra-account phone calls that occur via the Zoom clients.

  3. TLS encryption: During SIP registration, Zoom Phone leverages TLS encryption.

Caller ID Masking:

Depending on the purpose of the call and subject to applicable laws, users can choose to display their direct number, a main office number, a call queue number, or no number as the outbound caller ID. This feature helps support the privacy and security of employees’ personal contact information.

Private Network Peering:

Zoom Phone is optimized for secure internet traversal. For additional traversal considerations, Zoom has established direct private network peering links between Zoom Phone data centers and Zoom Phone PSTN service provider networks to prioritize data protection.

Toll Fraud:

Zoom Phone utilizes access control and automated detection capabilities in order to detect irregular calling patterns to help prevent toll fraud. If irregularities are detected, our security department will notify users of potential fraudulent activities.

Calling Block Lists:

Customizable global and personal block lists enable Zoom Phone users and administrators to easily add and manage blocked phone numbers.

Core to your secure communications strategy

Zoom Phone is just one piece of Zoom’s larger security strategy designed to help protect and support customers. Zoom's cloud phone solution easily flows into other Zoom solutions, helping to stitch together a unified communications experience that’s built with security in mind.

By adhering to relevant standards and supporting customers with these security features, we strive to create an experience characterized by ease of use, safety, and trust.

For more information, check out more here at Zoom Trust Centre .

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